The Vultures Descend, Dept.

Just received a message at my school email address from someone claiming to be the Head of Deeper Learning at some outfit called Thrively.

She stated: “Over the past few months, the ability of independent schools to deliver a personalized, strengths-based, academically rigorous and deeply engaging remote education has become critical to their mission.”

Uh, “strengths-based”? That’s one I’ll have to add to the ever-growing list of things that are “based”.

She went on:

“In preparation for the unknown parameters of Fall, many schools are considering 3-tiered plans: remote learning, traditional school, and a hybrid of remote/physical models while addressing:

  • Social-emotional health of our students and families
  • Student engagement and personalized, differentiated instruction
  • Making learning deeper and more meaningful for our students”

Then she gets to the point:

“Please connect me with your principal so that we can explore how Thrively can support your work. Here is my calendar (link was provided), if you want to invite your principal and schedule some time with me.”

It gives me great faith to know that a deadly virus is no match for our market-driven economy!


3 thoughts on “The Vultures Descend, Dept.

  1. I have had more “free” samplings of apps since Covid started than I ever have! Some were pretty good, most were lame. I probably got the Thrively email, but deleted it without reading it!


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