Nothing to See Here, Dept.

It was just a matter of time before someone would say “Look, the shut-down schools show there’s a better way to teach math. Kids can just Google things after all, and they do, so let’s make things more interesting and relevant and …” etc etc.
This article does just that, saying that now it’s obvious that traditional math is anachronistic and we need a better approach.
Nothing to see here folks.  Move on.

3 thoughts on “Nothing to See Here, Dept.

  1. We are meant to teach grit and creativity and sustained focus. But never give them anything hard or unpleasant?

    I can’t imagine our writer would want to be operated on by a student of the school of Google. Some knowledge has to learned the hard way.

    Most of my students are putting in about two hours a week online. They are finding it very stressful, and would much rather be in school, because there is no-one to explain. The lazy ones are doing nothing at all — at least school makes that almost impossible.

    Far from showing us that we need to move on, this will show us the opposite.


  2. “When the curriculum is presented as a joyous story of empowered thinking, students are capable of grand things when left to their own devices.”

    Beautiful Sunshine (BS) has so many forms. James Tranton has been pushing this one for a long time.


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