5,000 viewers, Dept.

The YouTube video of a talk I gave on math education in the US (encompassing comments on Common Core) has reached 5,000 viewers.

For those who want the bottom line, the last bullet of my conclusions is “Mistakes should not be clung to because of the time spent making them.”

For those with greater patience who only wish to hear my comments on Common Core, go to minute 19:25.

And for those with time on their hands, the whole talk is about 30 minutes long.  I originally gave it at a researchED conference held at Oxford in 2016.  I gave the talk locally in 2018 at the San Luis Obispo IHOP, where it was videoed.  The local chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution kindly sponsored the talk.

Some people told me I should not associate with such groups.  Well, I suppose if the KKK had asked me to give a talk on math education I would refuse, but I didn’t think I was jeopardizing my role as math education advocate by accepting their sponsorship. It came about when someone in my town read my book “Math Education in the US” which he bought at the local bookstore. He asked the bookstore owners if he could get hold of me, and they gave me a note with his phone number. The rest is history. Draw your own conclusions!


2 thoughts on “5,000 viewers, Dept.

  1. Wow, Barry, I didn’t know that the Sons of the American Revolution were so outre!
    Whatever, the world we live in, etc, etc. I am tired of tribalism.
    As the kids say, “You do you.”


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