Clarification and Amplification, Dept.

In my last missive (a pretentious word, I admit, but I dislike the word “post” and I absolutely detest the phrase “smart and thoughtful post”, so please tell people who use such phrase to shut the hell up) I said the following:

“It’s a brave new educational world we live in. I want no part of it, nor any of the damned PD that comes with it either.”

Someone applied an interpretation I didn’t intend and tweeted: “These are the teachers who are retiring in droves.”

What I meant was that I want no part of the cheap rhetoric that passes as educational wisdom. Let me assure my faithful readers and followers that I have no intention of retiring. I will continue to teach despite any allegations, accusations or allusions that I’m doing it all wrong.

Of importance, however, is the fact that there are teachers who are retiring because 1) they can and/or 2) they’ve had it with being told, e.g.,  to not stand at the front of the room and to not teach but facilitate, and many other injurious and ineffective practices that are accepted (and mandated) by the edu-status quo.


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