Nothing to see here, Dept.

From Bermuda comes this report about less than stellar results on the latest math exams in the school system there.  True to form comes this rubber-stamped mischaracterization of traditional math, serving as explanation of why students do poorly in math:

Mr Pitcher said: “This is not a new problem and will take dedication and hard work from everyone to make a real change.”

He said that student struggles with maths were not specific to Bermuda.

Mr Pitcher explained: “This has been a major issue for many countries, including the United States.”

He said that a number of factors had led to problems in the subject, including the way maths is taught, which he described as “counterproductive”.

Mr Pitcher explained: “We teach students several formulas they ‘need’ to memorise and introduce a litany of abstract symbols, then we strive to find application of what we have taught with meaningless word problems.

As noted in the article, and of particular importance is that Mr. Pitcher is the founder of tutoring services Planet Math.


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