Unclear on the Concept, Dept

In this article,  we learn that the number of North Dakota kids who are homeschooled more than doubled in less than a decade.

The State Superintendent of schools put her spin on the trend:

“There’s an increasing desire from parents across the United States to really make sure that their child has an individualized, personalized learning system,” Baesler said. “Public schools are moving in that direction.”

Well, if “individualized, personalized learning system” means teaching kids facts using direct instruction, with math and grammar practice thrown in the mix, I would agree.  I tend to think public schools are probably not moving in that direction though am open to evidence that proves otherwise.



3 thoughts on “Unclear on the Concept, Dept

  1. Yes, and even though here in British Columbia, Canada, where we have the highest enrollment in private schools across the country, the same excuse exists in light of rolling out our inquiry based, personalized curriculum.

    One only needs to look at those behind the spin, to determine what the motives are.


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