Believe I’ll Pass, Thanks.

“Linked In” is not only famous for reminding me to congratulate people I barely know on work anniversaries at firms doing nebulous things, but also for exciting job offers.  I recently received a message offering me an opportunity to be “paid well in the future”.

Honored that they thought of me, but I believe I’ll pass.  Here’s the letter:

This is an invitation. You have been carefully chosen to be part of a special project. My name is Shane Mesa and I am the President of a cloud-based K-12 school for kids and adults. There is a lot of work to be done but I believe it all starts with curriculum.

I am looking for brilliant teachers who are to be paid well in the future. For now, I need your help in developing a simple curriculum in your field of mastery. There will be some required classes in this program but we will be focusing on the student’s strengths rather than pulling them in all academic directions, setting them up for failure.

My mission (like many others) is to create a better future for our children and our country. Eventually we will be building schools around the world but we are starting small. There is monetary incentive for you to join this cause. I only ask for your faith in this project. They say the sky is the limit but the truth is; they aren’t looking high enough!

If this spikes your curiosity, please write, call or email me for more info. Thank you for reading!


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