Love Notes of the Past, Dept.

This harkens back to the days when I was writing letters about ed school under the name John Dewey on a blog called Edspresso.  (These letters were compiled in a book along with another set of letters I wrote on the blog Out in Left Field under the name Huck Finn.  Info on the book is here.  )

This particular comment ranks up there for odd reasons I can’t quite put my finger on:

Your mission here, Mr. Dewey, is becoming painfully clear (and sad)–parrot the lines you see in the so-called anti-establishment blogs, and voila, you’re a revolutionary.

Yet one important characteristic separates your meandering missives from those sites who set themselves against the status quo . . .

They at least try to know what they’re talking about.




2 thoughts on “Love Notes of the Past, Dept.

  1. An obviously false narrative like this should not be given even one moment’s attention, much less two – more fake news from someone who no doubt considers himself an educational elite.


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