Love Notes of the Past, Dept.

One of many comments received on the first article I wrote criticizing Common Core 

In general, I think there is a problem with Garelick’s body of work in that it tends to limit the conversation about math to arithmetic alone – and not only to arithmetic, but to its operations – and not only to its operations, but to its whole-number operations – and not only to its whole-number operations, but to the algorithms for those operations – and not only to the algorithms for those operations, but to the results of those algorithms. Garelick does discuss fractions in this piece, but it’s still concerned solely with results of algorithms for operations – again, as if that’s what math equals. I also think he is off base in the fraction critique itself. Many mathematicians (which Garelick isn’t) would say the relationship between multiplication and division is an important aspect of learning about rational number arithmetic.

Pretty flat criticism considering that the article in question as well as my “body of work” at the time focused on the foundational portion of math; aka arithmetic.


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