Motivation for Learning: Is There a Point?

I am extremely grateful for this piece, and the well-articulated thoughts. Should be required reading for all teachers and in all ed schools. But until that happens, spread the word in the usual manner:

3-Star learning experiences

Paul A. Kirschner & Mirjam Neelen

Motivation 1

Motivation, engagement, commitment, drive, grit … Some people seem to be obsessed with these concepts. For them, they’re like magic wands that can solve almost all of the problems in education or learning in general and/or are primary objectives for education and learning (we’ve blogged about the topic before here). It’s a mystery to us why people are so fascinated, often to the point of obsession, with motivation and engagement because…

Motivation 2

Reason 1: Measurability

First, there’s a real problem with measurability. Motivation, engagement, and any similar affective state for which people experience positive or negative emotions or feelings, are almost never measured in a direct and objective manner[1]. In order to give it a shot anyway, researchers use various self-reporting methods, such as surveys, Likert scales, journals / diaries, log books, and/or semantic differential scales. Unfortunately, we’ve known for a…

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