A question worth considering

From one of our commenters, a retired math teacher of 30 years who wonders what a lot of us have been thinking. The context is that much traditional-math bashing relies on the mischaracterized memories of people who claim that they were taught by rote with no understanding.  This person raises the following question:

“As an interested parent, I am always curious about something. When parents bring up the issue of their kids lacking the basics of arithmetic and the need for tutoring, they are often ignored because their stories are anecdotal. Aren’t the memories that parents have about their own math education,10 -30+ years, ago also anecdotal? I don’t understand why faded memories are believed and present-day ‘anecdotes’ ignored? Could someone explain! Anyone!”


One thought on “A question worth considering

  1. Because it’s against the status quo, and you must be silent because it’s not relevant.

    THIS parent practically had her head patted by I don’t know how many educators, ministry personnel and School Admin with the added comment, “Trust us, we’re the experts” said as I was leaving their office. Sort of like a kick in the behind as I left.

    If it’s against the mandate, they’ll ignore you. They won’t care what you have to say, because the mandate says we’re no longer interested in that direction. I asked someone in our curriculum dept. why there were no longer any provincial math exams online for teachers to use as guides, or even to see how to support their students before writing these important exams. Answer i was given? The Miinistry does not want to CONFUSE teachers by allowing these to exist. Instead, they want them to follow their latest and greatest mandate, which is all about 21st century learning. In other words, the past doesn’t matter, don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

    What’s beyond revolting with this attitude, is that “they” (i.e.the powers that be) assume that even our teachers cannot discern between good and bad instruction, and must be “led” to how students must now learn. Ironic, considering our new curriculum is being toted as allowing teachers free reign in their instructional capacity.

    The only way you’ll get it, is if you pay for it at a tutoring centre, or find a sympathetic teacher who WILL NOT bend towards these fanciful convoluted methods. But if parents care enough, they can make a difference…with their voice, and with their vote.

    Ready to start something?


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