We Need to Do Something, Dept.

The usual ploy of politicians, it has been joked, is to say “We have a problem” (description of problem then follows). Then: “We need to do something about this problem.” (Some strategy, usually ineffective, then follows). “There,” they say proudly. “We did something. Re-elect me.”

I was reminded of this joke when I read about Alabama’s State Senator Del Marsh, talking about the problem of education in Alabama and how something needs to be done.


“The state of Alabama needs to adopt and agree on a comprehensive education plan going forward.That encompasses all of our entities of education. Because unless you have that, how do we know where we’re spending our money is the best place to spend it?”

Sounds good (except for the “going forward” phrase which I wish would die a long-called for death, but I digress.)

” I can’t find anybody in the education community that I’ve talked to that does not agree that we should have a comprehensive education plan,” Marsh said. “But we don’t have one.” Directors of two groups representing education leaders said Marsh’s idea has merit. “

Ah, there we go. Everyone agrees there is a problem and a plan is needed.

Another Senator, Dick Brewbaker, then joined in with this familiar refrain:

Sen. Dick Brewbaker, R-Montgomery, chairman of the Senate’s Education and Youth Affairs Committee, said Alabama needs a plan tailored specifically for the state. Brewbaker has been a critic of the state’s adoption of Common Core standards back in 2010, saying that was driven by the desire for federal grant money. “The only plan we have so far is to try to pull down every federal dollar we could get our hands on,” Brewbaker said. 

OK, it’s shaping up. Let me guess what happens next! Alabama decides to revise the state (Common Core) standards. And the revision is just a few tweaks here and there, a change of the name so it is rebranded and VOILA!! We did something. Re-elect us!

Stay tuned for further developments.




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