Wayne Bishop Weighs In

For those who don’t know him, Wayne Bishop is a long-term veteran of the math wars in California and beyond. He is a professor of mathematics at Cal State LA. He played a role in getting the California math standards that preceded the CC standards, adopted in California.

He has been sharply critical of Common Core, as well as the tests that support the ineffective math philosophies that inform CC’s interpretation and implementation.

From his guest editiorial in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:

“The idea that the Common Core standards and associated assessments are more rigorous and provide greater opportunities for California students is based on ignorance or, worse, is completely disingenuous.”

Read every word!

UPDATE: A commenter named George Tyrebiter (who has commented before and seems extremely knowledgable about what has gone on in math education in California) wrote the following comment on Wayne’s piece:

“Professor Bishop was too kind… Phil Daro, the BA in English who was hired in 2008 to be the Chair and Lead Author of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, was also the chair for the drafting of the Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools in 1992, the reason the crazy ways of doing math in Common Core looks just like the crazy ways to do math that greeted my son in the first grade in 1995. It took years for the sanity of real mathematics professors to push that out of California schools only for Common Core to push it back in.”


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