The Idiocy of Idiots, Dept.

North Carolina would have allowed students to choose between the traditional path of math (i.e., separate courses of algebra 1, geom, alg 2, pre-calc, etc) vs the integrated approach. But the NC House rejected the Senate version of a bill that would have allowed such choice.

“The Senate passed its version of the bill last week despite objections from opponents who said a dual curriculum could burden smaller schools that have limited teachers and resources. Lawmakers also said they worried students and parents would make knee-jerk decisions at the beginning of the year without fully understanding the positive effects Common Core can have on testing outcomes and career readiness.” 

Right. Parents’ decisions are always “knee-jerk” aren’t they, and Common Core was not a rush job. Is that the narrative being pushed here? Believe me, even with a traditional path, there would have been plenty of Common Core crap left in the courses, from what I’ve seen of CC-aligned algebra and geometry text books, so what was everyone worried about?


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